Fri | Jul 1, 2022

We need more than prayers amid bloodshed

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2022 | 12:08 AM


Waking up to your lead article ‘Prayer amid bloodshed’ on my phone was jarring, but it is time we wake up from the dream that says the government has an answer to crime, especially as St Catherine goes into another state of emergency. These states of emergencies are accomplishing little more than trampling rights and freedoms – for they are definitely not stemming murders and the state of lawlessness.

The real damage to Jamaica is that we now accept endless states of emergency as normal, without understanding how this sets Jamaica as almost uninhabitable to Jamaicans.

A state of emergency cannot be the long-term solution for then it loses its effectiveness, as is happening now. They have become mere balm for the law-abiding, giving us false comfort and the impression that something is being done. Criminal elements do not even wait them out any more. They continue the murders and extortion with impunity.

The statements and security operations have become mere PR, and very bad PR, since no one believes they are effective or feel any safer. But does the Government understand this? Failure to address criminality and corruption has brought us to this place of ‘Prayer amid bloodshed’. Prayer helps, but is this a case where we neglect to use God-given intellect, then ask Him for help? As we look to our 60th anniversary, everything we have achieved is at risk of crashing and burning due to crime.