Fri | Jul 1, 2022

It is time to wage war on misogyny

Published:Thursday | June 23, 2022 | 12:06 AM


Misogyny can be defined as the hatred, dislike or mistrust of women manifested in various forms, such as physical intimidation and abuse, sexual harassment and rape, social shunning and ostracism. It is the ingrained and institutionalised prejudice against women, and it is intricately entwined into several aspects of the Jamaican society. Misogyny enforces a patriarchal society that historically has, and continues to mistreat and abuse women, while placing men on pedestals.

As another woman loses her life to the hands of an unhinged man, are we, as a society, going to continue the same cycle of being shocked, giving thoughts and prayers, and moving on until another act of atrocity is committed against another woman? Violence against women is a global public health crisis which has serious social and economic consequences for countries and societies.

It is time for the Government to wage war on misogyny in Jamaica and set in place stringent laws and protection for women. It is time to educate the public, especially the Jamaican youth, about the effects of misogyny, how it affects both men and women, and how it can lead to violence.

As long as the Government keeps making public addresses and video messages, saying how horrified they are about the tragic effects of misogyny and violence against women, instead of passing effective laws that protect women from unbridled hate, women will continue to be victimized and will continue to die at the hands of misogynistic men. The prime minister stated that it was an attack on the nation; but more importantly, it was an attack on women, and he, along with his government members, need to take a much stronger and more effective stance against misogyny and violence against women.