Tue | Jan 18, 2022

SOEs should be permanent in some parishes

Published:Tuesday | November 30, 2021 | 12:05 AM


King David was chosen by God to fight the giant Goliath, and he skilfully killed him. Likewise, the states of emergency (SOEs) is the only solution to tackle this crime monster significantly and bring him down; and it has been happening over the years.

The writing is on the wall: the Government cannot find an effective crime plan that can bring down the high death and crime rate in Jamaica. And they will not admit that they are having difficulty doing so.

It’s more than three decades since the crime monster has the State under arrest – killing people at will. The powers that be said that they are serious in their crime-fighting, and yet there is organised crime thriving in Jamaica. There are many questions that still remain unanswered – Who are getting so many illegal guns into the island? Who are the people who are handing them out to these gun pests? I don’t think that the powers that be are serious in finding the guns, and the gun traders. Something is not right.

Finally, with this country so deadly and dangerous to live in, and with fear at such an high level, the Government should bring in foreign troops to help with the SOEs. They should extend it, and on a permanent basis, in many more parishes in this country, especially where the crime monsters are raising their ugly heads.