Fri | Jan 21, 2022

Revive West Indies cricket before it is too late

Published:Friday | November 26, 2021 | 8:26 AM


Cricket West Indies, in the interest of all, must re-evaluate the way in which the game has been managed over the past few years.

The management of West Indies cricket should put all international Test, one-day and T20 matches on hold and focus on going back to the drawing board, assess the regional environment before executing anything else.

What that means is going back to basics. Prime focus should be to identify players in all the islands that will eventually produce great batsmen and bowlers by giving them the right guidance and training.

Right now it has become a waste of resources or a financial nightmare to fund the overseas games. More to say, a degrading and depressing moment for our youth and diehard lovers of the game of cricket.

The question arises, what are the selectors thinking? The selectors and the management need to widen to scope of their search for quality players and scout for potential talent across the region.

The decline in the standards of the West Indies cricket is real, and if this trend continues, one day there will be no more West Indies cricket.

This is an attestation to the trend we are seeing right now. It is high time for the coaches and selectors to wake up and smell the coffee.

Stop all the politicking, the negative commentary, but focus on those who deserved to be selected for the West Indies squad. Also, changing captains frequently is sign of failure, segregating players for the different format of the game is another failure. The selected team members should be able to play all formats of the game.

Really and truly, a revival is the way forward and to bring back West Indies cricket to where it was before.


Toronto, Canada