Sun | Oct 2, 2022

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Published:Thursday | November 25, 2021 | 12:07 AM


At the advanced age of 85, I believe I can say I have seen almost everything.

Throughout my life I have played, coached, watched and enjoyed the game of cricket, which has been described as a gentleman’s game and said to be full of glorious uncertainties.

Despite the current popularity of the shorter versions, I still feel that Test cricket is the most outstanding form of this great game.

Test cricket is a test of skills, fortitude, temperament, and of course mental and physical abilities, and over the years it has produced performances which can truly be described as sublime.

West Indian teams and individual players have been among such memorable performers over time but of late have been totally out of the game.

If there is a new game called RIDICULOUSNESS, we have now truly excelled at that. The current Test match vs Sri Lanka is a case in point. How can a team of international players find itself scoring 18 runs for six wickets in 12 overs of a Test match? Ridiculous!