Tue | Jan 25, 2022

Bad words, bad example

Published:Wednesday | November 24, 2021 | 12:07 AM


“Nobody nuh bigger than we. Nobody nuh badda than we”. Those words were not publicly uttered by a dancehall DJ or by a criminal gang leader. On the contrary, those words were, recently, uttered by Police Federation chairman, Corporal Rohan James, in response to the Government of Jamaica not satisfying the wage increase demands of the Police Federation.

First, what kind of example is being set, for Jamaica’s youth and the young members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), by Corporal James? His aforementioned words are, arguably, overtly threatening, highly disrespectful and blatantly arrogant.

Second, if Corporal James’ attitude is shared by the majority of the members of the JCF, then is it any wonder that history is replete with news stories of Jamaican civilians who have been mistreated and abused, both verbally and physically and, in some cases, unjustifiably killed, by some members of the JCF?

Last, the rank-and-file members of the JCF do deserve a wage increase, but, certainly, not a 90 per cent one. The Government’s last wage increase offer of four per cent will only serve to further anger the Police Federation and its members. A 20 per cent increase, in year one, and a 30 per cent increase, in year two, should be considered by the GOJ and, if such an offer is put on the table, the Police Federation should take it. In wage negotiations, both the GOJ and the Police Federation should be fair, flexible and realistic.