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Published:Sunday | November 21, 2021 | 12:11 AM

What a time!!

Another poor soul is left contemplating

Whether to take his own life.

So much darkness on the outside

Blocking sweet dreams and peace of mind.

A virus is on the rampage

Creating havoc everywhere it turns.

Rivalry now joins the madness

As anti vaxxers refused to stand down.

So much pain on the outside

So much grief everywhere you turn.

What a time of sorrowful division

What a time of mental storms and doubt.

What a time of great division

As black clouds refused to shift

and move on out.

As life billows out its darkness

Sweet Hope still hangs around.

Spreading the message of sweet redemption

That no matter how thick the darkness

Light will always thin it out.

- Carol Thomas Johnson

The irreverence of death!

In honour of the life of General Colin Powell

Death is so irreverent

It strikes noblemen and


It’s timing is impromptu

No bell rings!

It may crawl very slowly

Or quickly stings

Whether babe and suckling

Whether priests or kings!

No one can withstand

The unconscionable demand

That’s imposed at death’s hand!

None can understand

Why life, so grand

Should be subjected to death’s remand!

But there’s coming a day

When, finally

Death will be wiped away -

Nevermore sorrow

Nor the horror of pain!

Then, everlasting life

Will be the coveted prize

For all who love

And Reverence

The Saviour, Jesus Christ!

– Hyacinth Burgess-Gregory


Jah know!

I did not touch har meat

Dat meat, I did not eat

For that which I’m accused

I’m now here quite unfairly

Of dat meat

I did not eat

When I buck dat meat

I made a hasty retreat

Shi waa wage Equal Rights

Pon di ‘I’

Using har pretty sheet

Jah know!

I did not touch dat meat

Shi accuse me of so neat

I did not know Your Honour

Pork! Was under dat sheet

Dat ting shi accuse me of Your Honour

I beg you not repeat

Dis accusation

Whip me lakka slavery

Your Honour, shi trick me;

And call me baby

Of di odda ting

I can only answer ‘Maybe’

I did not touch dat meat…

I only eat

Di gravy…

– Lisa Gaye Taylor