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Character is the goal of education – Part 1

Published:Sunday | November 14, 2021 | 12:08 AM

It is absolutely necessary to teach the spirit of idealism to students so that they fill their hearts with love and give happiness to one and all.

Today, there are a number of educational institutions all over the world, but how many have understood what education really means? Students fill their heads with mere bookish knowledge, write examinations, secure pass marks, and claim that they are educated.

Education means wisdom. Wisdom does not mean worldly intelligence. True education is that which develops inner vision and makes you experience everlasting bliss. The modern system of education, instead of developing the power of discrimination in students, is making them narrow-minded. It neither bestows true wisdom nor helps them to become broad-minded. Due to the advancement in modern education, spiritual texts have declined. In this situation, how can the present education system confer true wisdom on students?

Students are interested only in bookish knowledge, not in the essence of education. Only their textual knowledge is tested, but not practical knowledge. Students think that degrees are meant to earn a livelihood. Education is for life, not just for making a living. But neither the students nor the parents realise this truth. Parents are happy if their children score high marks in their examinations. Are they concerned about the heap of bad remarks their children get? If they look into the remarks, they will truly understand the type of education that their children are receiving.

Modern students are unable to realise the true spirit behind their participating in sports and cultural events. In all events of sports and games, you have a winner and also a loser. People are interested only in the outcome of the events and not in enjoying the spirit of sports. The aim of sports and games is not to produce a decisive result but to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in the participants.

Students should acquire such education that will be beneficial to the society and the world at large. What is the present state of society? In what way can we make it ideal? How should one work for the advancement of the society? Education should emphasise service to society. Students should uphold the honour of the society. Society will progress only when the system of education is set right.

- Courtesy Sai Institute of Education West Indies, St. Michael, Barbados. Visit them at www.siewi.org or https://www.sathyasai.org/about-us/education or email: siewibb@saibarbados.org