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Perfect Pour hits the market

Published:Sunday | May 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM

As the Jamaican economy continues to stabilise and consumer and business confidence continue to tick upwards, people are spending more on recreation, and that has given rise to a competitive market in party-related services.

This is especially true in Jamaica's Corporate Area, where parties and social events occur almost daily. One new provider of these now in-demand services is coming in with the intention of raising the bar. The aptly named Perfect Pour Bar Services enters the market as a newbie, but has no intention of getting lost among the crowd.

Their model has been designed to meet the demand from corporate influencers and partygoers to experience premium, yet affordable bar services, at both social and corporate events in Jamaica. As such, they are not your typical bar-service company.

According to CEO Celena Taylor, the company is guided by a mantra of service excellence and that the promise to clients resides in their name.

"We hope to differentiate ourselves first with the quality of service, always providing knowledgeable and customer service-oriented staff," Taylor said.

"We will be bringing new services such as customised barware, for special events like weddings and birthdays. We are also planning on highlighting the service of specialised bars which have been around for some time, but we want to bring it to the forefront of our customers' minds as a fun option for events."

To achieve this lofty objective, Taylor said they are forming partnerships that she believes will give them a distinct competitive edge. However, she remains coy in the details of those alliances.

"We have quite a few partnerships that we have formed. As you can be well aware, the business is very competitive and I wouldn't want to divulge too much information where this is concerned," she said.

She did reveal, though, that Perfect Pour will have a specific area of focus, as they look to hit the ground running.

"Our main focus is the corporate arena as well as the wedding market," she reveals. "However, we do not overlook the spending power of the ordinary person who wants to host functions such as birthday

parties and anniversaries, as we welcome those who just want to hire a one bartender to have a professional look at a small event at home."

In that regard, she reveals that their prices will be among the most competitive in the marketplace.

"We decided our pricing strategy is one where our prices are very competitive, as we strive to offer a perfect pour," she said, adding that the company will come in with considerable resources, courtesy of its directors who have partnered on this ambitious venture.

Of course, none of this means that the directors are willing to settle for just standing out. Everyone knows that it is hard to reach the top, but much harder to stay there.

With that in mind, Perfect Pour is already planning on what steps will be necessary to remain a standout in the industry.

The CEO reveals that even before they take the lead, they have set in motion the process of staying on top once they get there.