Thu | Nov 15, 2018

Give big push to creative careers

Published:Friday | November 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica is a Third-World country with uniquely First-World output. My Jamaican people never fail to amaze me with their talents and diversity, comparable to any First-World country to which I have travelled.

I can confidently say this having recently supported the Moda Market held November 11-12 this year and was amazed at the creativity, quality and display showcased by our people.

The jewellery, fashion, food and art displayed in its numerous creative forms reminded me how diverse and talented our people are. I could hear the enthusiasm and passion as each exhibitor sold themselves and their work. The organiser must truly be commended for the excellent showcasing of the event.

This had me thinking: I think it's time our Government promote equal opportunity by placing a higher recognition and value on skills and creative potential, so youngsters feel that they are not substandard for choosing a skill-based or creative career path.

We all are uniquely different, and learners should feel a sense of pride when they decide this is what they love to do and are good at.

They should feel confident that they can earn a decent living and that an established national frame work is in place to support their journey.

Government should channel and support learning in the areas relevant to employability. The creative sector is a great avenue to foster entrepreneurship among the people and build a great nation.

Get on the wagon, Jamaica! The creative industry is on the rise and is a great means of earning well-needed foreign exchange.


International Client Relations Specialist/Entrepreneur

New Kingston